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When your life is damaged in some way by the negligence of other individuals or corporations, you may be entitled to compensation.

Discuss your case with our firm - we'll be happy to go over the merits of your case and help you decide if legal action is the right path for you. Once you decide whether to go forward, our attorneys will be your legal voice.


You'll get to work with a team of lawyers that will tirelessly research your case, develop a legal position, and argue on your behalf for the following issues:


 •  Nursing home negligence

 •  Medical malpractice

 •  Product liability


You have rights and certain reasonable expectations about safety as you go about your life - when rights are violated, we can shine a spotlight on the problem and seek compensation.

When you or your family has been seriously injured, it changes everything. Work with our personal injury lawyers to find a legal solution.

When the medical bills start to pile up, give us a call.

Complimentary initial consultation – discuss your legal liability case today.


Flexible scheduling is available.

We work around your busy day and healthcare plans.

Set up an appointment today.

Let your case be judged on its merits.

Our experienced attorneys will seek to keep your liability case focused on the facts.

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