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When there's a gas or oil explosion, there are options. We are here to help.

Whether it was forced overtime and long shifts or dangerous work conditions and cut corners, when you have been hurt on an oil field, the oil company needs to take full responsibility for it - let us give you the options you need to see this through.


We'll take your statement, comb through records, and interview witnesses to establish the fault of the oil company, in order to try to stop them from sweeping anything under the rug.


 •  Oil field injuries

 •  Death as a result of unsafe working conditions

 •  Worker safety violations


This job was supposed to help you make a living. When it hurts your ability to live a full and healthy life because of unsafe practices, we can be your legal voice.

The negligence of private individuals can also have a disastrous effect on your life and livelihood. Learn more on our personal injury page.

It's not just big companies!

Making a profit is fine.

Putting the profit ahead of your safety isn't!

Protect your right to live a full life.

Your life is worth more than their oil!

When unsafe working conditions affect you or a loved one, our attorneys can help.

Complimentary initial consultation – discuss your oil field accident case today.


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