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When you lose somebody before their time and it didn't have to happen, let us protect your legal interests.

From loss of future earnings to emotional damages and punitive damages, you have legal options when it comes to holding the negligent party responsible for the loss of a loved one. Work one-on-one with our dedicated attorneys to find the best option for your case.


We can't undo a wrong, but we can make sure that your voice is heard in open court and try to ensure that this terrible loss doesn't happen to anyone else.


 •  Workplace death

 •  Death resulting from auto accidents

 •  Death caused by defective products


While some defense lawyers try to complicate the incident and cast doubt, we will focus on the facts and putting your narrative in front of a jury. Your loved one deserved better, and we'll fight for it.

When safety takes a back seat to oil production, the worker suffers. If you have been hurt or lost a loved one to an oil field accident, contact us immediately.

Oil field accidents and deaths happen - protect against them.

If you are ready to pursue legal action, our attorneys will be waiting to help.


Set up your consultation today.

Fight back against wrongful death.

If there's no reason a death had to happen - our attorneys will shine a spotlight on those responsible.

Complimentary initial consultation – discuss your wrongful death case today.


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